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did hear there was repair work being done to the rear of the building. that is not confirmed. we'll be interviewing to see what we can find. >> we know everyone made it out safe and sound. >> and thank you. >> 40, 45 employees work here. everyone got out okay and was not hurt. the business has been at the location about 20 years, we understand about five acres burned out of with b.a hot toetal of so for the facility. and we're told that the building itself and no other building as long the park on huntington caught fire during this massive blaze. there are air and soil tests being done. to see what type of environmental damage might be lasting as a result of the fire there. was so much plastic back there as well as water and foam being poured onto the area. and firefighters will be here
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throughout the evening to keep an eye on the situation which is is standard, you can tell the bulk has been knocked down and what lingers is still a black haul over the area. >> thank you very much. want to take you back live now to sky 7 hd over that fire. what is left of the fire at the macro plant in fairfield near travis air base, you can see there are just big hot spots. most of the fire is out, and john mentioned they're going to be on the scene quite a while. and the fire makes the kind of containers you can see holding fruits and vegetable autos for those living near the plastics plant officials are warning foam stay indoors and do not want people breathing that toxic smoke. and what is this like? have you been able to smell
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this stuff? >> we've been able to see it in the form of grass, burned grass. there is some pieces on the ground. you can see there is some black debris, mostly grass. so it appears in water, let's show you what the sky looks like now. there is a better, frankly than it did just an hour ago. right now, things have lightened up, but you can see around 4:00 this afternoon, there was a thick black plume of smoke rising into the air, and only about a half mile southwest of the plant that went up in flames. and there is one around 3:30. and i was standing there in the office and there is another one came in at 4:30. some folks couldn't help but look.
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>> this is on fire, then started to move up z the firemen came. they was like, control it. i was like, big funnel clouds of fire. just pop pg. popping and going up, up, up. and about a half mile southwest, folks starting to come out gradually. and as far as i know, second call came in and they've closed a pool here and property manager says they're going to have to assess things as fire calms down. and they said if the pool and hot tubs here are in bad enough shape, they may actually have to drain those facilities to make sure they're safe for folks. at this point things improving. live in fairfield abc 7 news. >> and laura, thank you very much. and we'd like to show you some
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pictures our viewers sent to us showing that fire. there is a ouer -- towering plume of smoke. some you can see a fireball. this is just coming up from the plant. you can see we'd like you to continue to upload pictures and videos. and please e mail them to you report at and we'll continue to stream this for you live at abc 7 >> and update you as need by. moving on, traffic still a mess in the south bay due to a deadly big rig accident that happened just hours ago. the chp says a dump truck lost control, hit the center divide and burst into flames, killing the driver. all east and westbound lanes had to be closed. latest report is that he only one westbound lane reopened near ma tilda.
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and authorities hunting for two gunman who opened fire on an east bay parks officer last night. happened not far from the town of moraga. armed officers from eight agencies joined in the search. officials say the parks officer was on foot patrol just before 7:00 when the suspects fired assault rifles at him. he was not hit, thankfully, returned fire. the shootout became intense. the officer had to be rescued using an armored vehicle. police don't know why the officer was tack but believe the gunman may have been protecting a marijuana-growing operation. >> the mother of one of the men accuse of beating brian stow claims her son is innocent. >> this is a passion he has. i feel for him when he's around. you know? he makes me feel better. he call meez twice per week.
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>> diana page is the mother of a suspect marvin norwood claiming a prior domestic violence charge and anger management class changed her son. norwood and louie sanchez are charged in session with that march 31 beating each being held on half a million dollars bail. brian stow remains in serious condition. >> and next despite the deadline now just a weeking aa.way there is no visible progress in efforts to raise the nation's debt limit and avert a phone shall global economic crisis. house tea party republicans are threatening to defeat their own party's plan to end this stalemate. ordinary americans are respond together pressure. in napa, democrats gather the outside representative mike thompson's office. the opposition tea party republicans were right across the street. in washington, both sides remain divided by same issues, republicans demanding more spending cuts.
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>> tea party is in the driver's seat that. is a very, very scary thought. >> and the republican is expected to tomorrow, if it's approved president obama is expected to veto it. and a new abc news poll shows voters blaming both sides for the debt stalemate. 77% say congressional g.o.p. is not willing to compromise. so the same goes for a struggling economy. 39% say republicans in congress are the problem. >> how is this recession impacted you? send your viewer video to you report at and we'd be delighted to hear from you. >> the u.s. postal service
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debating whether to close 3700 office as cross the country and that could include a dozen there in the bay area. and you'll have a chance to fight for the post office in your neighborhood. >> 13 offices to be exact here in the bay area. the 13 are on that list. but that doesn't mean they'll be closed. first of all there has to be a review process including you. the south city post office has a lot of charm. built in 1939, the old fashioned postal boxes still being used today. >> i like the old wood and the signs and stuff all over. you know? it's like going to an old irish pub. you know? without the beer! >> but this is 2011. people often text, or write e mails rather than put pen to paper. and why stop by the post
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office to buy stamps when there are other, more convenient outlets? >> i do some bills online. and i know that sort of cuts out the activity for post offices, people are resorting to electronic payments and online payments. >> mostly, if i do letters it's for birthdays and stuff like that. yeah. so i would like to go and do old fashioned route for that stuff. other than that, you know, you can do e mail. >> that is why the postal service says it's losing money. >> $8.5 billion last year, probably close to that again, this year. >> with writing on the wall, 3800 post offices being considered foreclosure. the lyndon avenue station is one of them. it won't be the first. and today, 31,000 post offices are nationwide. that is down from 38,00010 years ago. and then, the community will have a chance to argue why
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their post office should remain open. >> there is a chance to give us feed back. we'll have public meetings and send out surveys to communities. and this is continueances are being considered. >> and according to the postal service there will be no layoffs when they expect a number of employees to retire. and again, 13 bay area post offices here in the bay area, there is peninsula has four and oakland also has four. to view and see the list visit our web site. >> thank you very much. and a democratic congressman is resigning in the wake of a growing sex scandal. representative david wu. of oregon made that announcement today. the house minority leader called for an ethics
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investigation after ak investigation -- accusations wu had a sex encounter with an 18-year-old woman. he says the well being of his children comes first. so he says he'll resign after congress resolves the debate over the debt keeling. >> a lot more to bring you here today at 5:00. coming up, blocks from sitting on a federal court a uc berkeley law professor gets another court nomination. >> adding more healthy options to those happy meals but it's not enough for san francisco. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt if you'd like an extended period of warm weather you'll like the accu-weather forecast. coming up. >> women want good game. >> can a woman's touch in a male-dominated industry. how women are changing the game. the news continues in one minute.
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the man whose judicial nomination was blocked has been nominated by governor brown. goodwin lu was nominated but the nomination blocked by conservative republican who's called him too liberal and inexperienced. he's never served as a judge. brown says that is not important. >> there is no requirement people come from court of appeals, superior court or anything else. and it's good among seven people to have a diversity. and different views, different back grounds. he brings that. >> this 40-year-old law professor taught at uc berkeley for eight years. >> mcdonalds is changing its kids menu cutting back on amount of fries and adding apples to the meal. changes taking affect in september. the fast food giant says it
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will reduce calories between 15% and 20%. and in spite of modifications they will not meet requirements of a san francisco law prohibiting the sale of kids meals marketed with toys. >> and we think this is a positive step forward. especially mcdonalds are acknowledging roles in the growing childhood obesity epidemic. >> this law requires kids meals to have a fruit and a vegetable and say the happy meals do not contain vegetables but koit change in the future. a refund could be coming for passenger who's paid a federal airlines tax for a tax that expired. >> key word is could. maybe. as reported last week law is authorizing tickets expired midnight, friday. some consumers pay this tax.
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well, airlines upped their prices to cover the tax money perhaps make more profits. association of retail travel agents says last time this happened was back in is 1996, 97, then, passenger who's submit their receipts were able to get refunds from irs. there is no word today on if that will happen this time. so for now, irs is telling people to sit tight. we'll keep track and let you know if, and when you have money coming your way. high gas prices has many changing the way they get around. scooters sales are up 37% in the first five months of the year. the motorcycle industry counsel says two wheeler was get up to 80 miles to the gallon, and the average american pays $177 per month for gasoline versus $20 a month for those riding scooters. that is up to around $150.
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and video games aren't just for men anymore. times have been changing for quite a while now. and now, that change is showing up in stores as well as office of video game developers. retailer game stop says women now buy half of the games and 44% want something more. >> this morning i woke up and had a barbie house. and i loved the barbie house. but there was nothing quite as satisfying as destroying him at duck hunt. >> women want a good game. women want a game that plays well and that maybe has a good story to it them want the same things. >> jessica has been working for two years and says they're getting in for a career and for fun and plan to stay there. >> and not enough explosions and violence. >> right.
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>> i love it. >> and salvation army and target stores teamed up to help kids in under served neighborhoods gear up for school. 90 students went on shopping frees -- sprees. and this will be closing items they need. >> today there are 12,000 kids being helped with the generosity of target stores to get back to school gear for them. $80 is a tremendous thing to be able to meet needs. >> nearly 500 stores nationwide participated in this event. >> and if you muscled up, it's not easy. and spencer is here, it's going to get warmer. so this is a version of the happy meal.
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and a live view now from our high definition sutro camera. you can see marine layer is now beginning to make a nightly push and this is on to the bay. there is a shallow marine layer at the moment. however, it's present and going to be more present getting into evening hours. shallow now and wasn't very cool today. it was mild and was warm inland. and there is temperatures 62 degrees in san francisco. and 85 in santa rosa. warm over into inland east bay as well. 84 concord. 84 in livermore. highlights, we'll see low clouds return together bay are tonight and further warming tomorrow z temperatures will be reaching their peak over the weekend and hold for a couple days. there are low temperatures tonight with some low clouds and fog having pushed inland will drop into mid-50s. and there is water vapor
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showing a weak trough to our north. it's lifting and this is going to allow a warm mass for the rest of the country to advance west into our area that. will add to warm up we're going to have next several days. there is 5:00 in the morning, low clouds, fog around and this is pulling back to the coast. and there are high temperatures low to mid-60s, mainly 70s around the bay and there are into a few 90s beginning to develop. and we'll see them in more locations getting towards the end of the week. there are highs just above 80 degrees in most locations. we'll see mid to upper 70s up to 78 and palo alto and mountain view. low to mid-60s on the coast. and downtown san francisco, a high of 67, tomorrow, 64.
5:20 pm
sunset district, you can see it's getting milder near the coast. into the north bay, highs ranging from 81 in san rafael to 85 in sonoma. and 91 in cloverdale. 94 up in ukiah. near east bay highs moving low to mid-70s to upper 70s in fremont. inland east bay, upper 80s across the board. and there is upper 60s to low 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is highs starting on friday. moving from low to mid-90s throughout the weekend, mid-90s all the way throughout the weekend and into early next week, low 90s inland. low 80s around the bay and 70 on the coast by saturday. that is warm weather going to last for a while. not usual upper two days, then, down. >> and just ahead, 49ers get back to work what. players are
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say. >> and at 6:00, vietnam veteran enlisting the help of michael finney to get a michael finney to get a benefits check he nenenenenenene
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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a state wide amber alert issued for a 3-year-old child abducted in los angeles this morning. the missing child is a 3-year-old kawanna howard. the suspect is also identified as kawana howard. police are looking for a 2004 chevy malibu with a license plate. don't know if they're headed to the bay area, if you see
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this car, please call 911. >> and players on the raiders and 49ers teams returned to their headquarters today one day after the end of the nfl lockout. think he's excited? niners lineman could not hide his excitement driving into the team's facility. rookie quarterback was not as animated buzz says he's ready to get started. >> being able to get with coaches and meet with them to start working towards our season and getting ready is very exciting. >> the four and a half month lockout came to an end yesterday when there was an approval of a 0 year collective bargaining agreement. >> we have a football season. >> firefighters now are targeting hot spots after that massive fire swept through the storage yard of a plastics factory. >> coming up, latest on efforts to control that fire
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in fairfield....................
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in the newsroom at 6:00 talking trash in san francisco ai. major political battle over where to go and who should haul it away z new entry in the electric car market and a device saving you money when gou to recharge it. its coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and let's take you back now to our top story. big fire at macro plastics plant. >> you can see the progress made massive response to that fire started around 1:15 this afternoon. it's taking most of the afternoon to get flames under control and almost out. >> there are reports of three minor injuries to firefighters. they did not have to go hot toth hospital z investigators will begin finding out what started this fire. there is some talk about work being done at the back of the plant. we don't know that. is why investigators will begin. we'll update you at 6:00.

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